Here's what people said about last year's Bearded Men in Silky Kimonos calendar, the 2016 edition:
"The images are oddly entrancing: romantic, whimsical scenery, combined with hirsute nests of freeflowing chinwool and slippery folds of silk that can't help but draw the eye." - Broadly, Vice Magazine 
"The most hipster of all 2016 calendars...each month you can feast your eyes on a different decadently clad hairy chap. You’re welcome." - Timeout
"A true collector's piece. Pure surrealism, worthy of Dali himself...The genius who is behind this masterpiece is surely in a leather armchair, stroking a cat and letting out an evil laugh."[translation] - El Pais
"Bearded men and silk kimonos. Two seemingly random things that, until now, we didn’t know went so well together...our eyes have been opened"
"2016’s most ironic yet iconic calendar" - Yahoo Style
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